All the poems conceived in the three themes are interconnected by the underlying central idea: Optimising the joy of living and deriving maximum out of life. This Book of Poetry is intended helping people to have the right framework of life, love and enjoying living as a loveable experience while making a qualitative difference in life on earth in our humble way in making the world a better place to live. The prime objective of the book is to help enjoying every moment in life. WHISPERING MIND is meant for creating a beautiful mind in a beautiful body.


The poems in Whispering Mind (WM) are meant for all who love life, like to live in love, believing in exploring and discovering linkage of the hidden inner energy with the supreme energy flow of the universe, and live life fully making a difference in the life of the underprivileged.

Precisely what WM will do to you is giving instantaneous joy of reading which can be compared like seeing a blossoming flower, observing a singing bird, flowing stream, happiness of seeing full moon, a beautiful human face, pleasure of being with your beloved or even feeling the pathos of sunset and even finding beauty in observing a cheetah in the wild forest terrains.

WM offers wide spectra of poetry on love, life, spirituality, green poems, travelogue, self help, real life stories, fables, fiction, mantra, tantra, mysticism, metaphysics, and many more. The best way to appreciate the landscape of poetry in WM is to read the poems thematically and logically arranged in sequence to unravel the flow of the river of life.

During the course, the river of life meanders through different panoramic terrains towards taming of the monkey, cleansing of the mind, Maya called life, awakening, churning of the mind lake towards awareness, awakening, enlightenment uniting into the supreme universal energy, bringing infinite bliss.

Poetry in WM can also be enjoyed piece by piece from any theme at random as each poem is self contained as well as integrated to the whole theme.

Poetry acts as medicine to heal and cure the toxicity of negativity, brings music, spreads fragrance, and adds magic, colour and rhythm to the distressed heart. When we are lonely, depressed or face tragedies of life, only belief in the supreme divine energy of the universe hidden in us may console the soul.

As readability is the hall mark of any literature, WM attempts to take the reader for a joy ride from the beginning to the end of each poem. Being grateful to the readers for their time and patience, WM treats its readers with reverence, believes in content rather than in form and attempts to simplify, demystify and de-complicate the style to attract every reader.

When we are alone having time to brood, while hopping in and out of airports, railway stations, globetrotting, holidaying, relaxing what we need is some good companion in the form of books. WM is intended for escorting lonely travellers, students whose minds are stressed with exams, people who are hassled with day to day problems, lovers who would like to romanticise life and people who seek self actualization.

WM poems are impregnated with fruits containing seeds inside. Readers are exposed to new ideas, new thoughts, and simple philosophy of life essential to enjoy living. WM can be considered as a gift to the loved ones on different occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birth Day, Marriage Anniversary as the wide variety of themes and ideas may appeal to every group of people irrespective of age, preference to read prose or poetry.

WM is my first book, though I had written some of these poems before sixteen years when I was living at Bath in UK. I had been a prolific freelancer earlier, written more than hundred literary, humorous, satirical and social pieces in the leading Indian English newspapers like Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Times of India, Pioneer, Hindu. I had also been invited to talk to new writers at the instance of the then editor of The Hindustan Times on how to write ‘middles’. I hibernated quite a while from literary writing though I have been writing in the professional journals quite regularly.

The format of WM is the format in which thoughts came to me, call it verse or prose. It matters little as long as ideas are conveyed effectively and appealing to the reader, as nobody seems to be interested in semantics of the creative work just for the heck of it.



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